Adding and subtracting

Today we practiced our letters. We first wrote their name on a paper and they traced it with glue and lined it with beans. They loved it. For math we played a number recognition game. First, we split up into two groups. Then we had number cards in a bag and each child took a turn choosing a card. What ever number was on the card was the number of blocks they’d have to fill the bucket with, the first group to fill the bucket up was the winner. They enjoyed it so much they were so excited to see which group would fill up the bucket first.

Dr. Seuss Day

To kick off our week we celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday. This morning for breakfast we had “green eggs and ham’ the children were quite hesitant to try it but once they took that first bite they loved it. We also made Dr. Seuss hats. It was not just fun to make but we learned how to pattern; red, white, red, white. For math we read “the foot book” which helps us with our concept of figuring out our left from our right, and also colors.

friendship bracelets

Today we practiced our fine motor skills making friendship bracelets. We used a pipe cleaner and beads, they did great most of their bracelets were oversized but they got to put as much bead as they wanted.

We are also talking more about kind words in class such as; please, thank you, may I, and excuse me. We also encourage the children to use their “big kid” voice and let other friends know if they are bothering us.

Hands are not for hitting

We did a “what are our hands for…” project today. I laid out a sheet of paper and stamp pads and everyone used their hands to stamp the paper. We then did a group discussion on what our hands are for; they listed words like hugging, loving, and touching. They did great. For math we did more number recognition, how to put numbers is numerical order from 1-10.

Furthermore, we discussed how our hands are NOT for hitting. We have had few incidents of children not keeping their hands to themselves in class so we encourage the children to use their words instead of their hands. We use words like “I don’t like that”, “leave me alone”, and “stop bothering me”. We kindly ask that you continue to speak with them at home about this it does help with a more positive behavior in school.


Today we talked about friends. Who are our friends and how do we treat them. To further our lesson we read a book about “manners in school” using words like please, thank you and excuse me. We encourage speaking to your child about how we should treat our friend in school as well.

We also did a creative writing/ drawing. They each drew a picture of their friend and wrote “This is my friend…” They did great. I loved how their drawing turned out and they tried their best tracing the sentences.


Today we practiced our rhyming words. as one of our jobs today we did a rhyming word puzzle matching. They did great. The picture does help with the word but we are also trying to encourage more sight word recognition too. We will slowly but surely get the hang of things. For math we did a number recognition worksheet; counting the number of shapes displayed and circles the numerical number.

shorting and grouping

Today we talked a little bit more about Chinese new years. To further our lesson we made lanterns. We focused on our fine motor skill to cut on the lines to make the lantern. They are getting better with their fine motor skills.

For math we focused on colors, numbers and grouping. We did a short game of grouping different colors, and counting how many in each group. They did great and had fun too.

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Brushing teeth

Continuing our lesson for dental month; we learned how to brush our teeth. Also talked about why we need to brush our teeth. To further the lesson we did a toothbrush art, using toothbrushes, water colors and a tooth template. Using an up and down, left to right or circular motion like you would be brushing your own teeth is how they painting the tooth. They enjoyed it a lot.


Today we did a heart shape craft that we will be sending home at the end of the week. For math focused on the number 10, counting our fingers and toes, and items we could find in the classroom like beads, shells, manipulative pieces, etc. We then read a book called “10 wriggly, wiggly, caterpillars” they also took notice that the date today is the number 10. To go a little further with our number we did another book called “The grouchy lady bug” which tells us about time.