Substitute teachers today

Today was filled with lots of independence.  Ms. Marks and Ms Robinson were both out sick.  Mrs. Low and Ms. Manguail substituted.  In class we did group activities of folder games and building blocks.  We planted grass seeds in our garden.  We read lots of books too and found that our abc books when put in the right order makes a puzzle of big bird and the sesame street friends.

Coach Brandon and much more!

The He’e had a blast working gross motors with Coach Brandon.

Today we practice identifying our sight words what and that. The He’e also worked on re-writing the key words from our book At the Farm. For Math we used Tinker Toys to practice our engineering skills. Many of the He’e built roadways and towns while others engineered vacuum cleaners and satellites, as well as sequencing.

Beautiful day!

He’e is always with joy to see Coach Brandon from Happy Feet!  Today, we practiced writing our highlighted words in our book and reviewing two sight words “but” and “he”.  We continued working on ending sounds of a word using a worksheet.  Also, we used tinker toys to be creative using our imagination by building a raking ball, satellite and even a vacuum cleaner! Lastly, during our outside play we had fun playing with the parachute and helping the teachers to change the pond.

Aloha Thursday!

Hurray!  It’s Happy Feet and He’e became a good citizen to feed all the bunnies with carrots and lettuce!  Today, we reviewed our sight words “some” and “were”.  We also reviewed the vowels “a” and “e” for Language Arts.  We reviewed our opposite, subtraction and addition worksheet for Math.  They finished all of the work that we’ve done for the week and bring these works at home today.  Lastly, the He’e had so much fun finding eggs in our outside garden.  Oh my!  That was such a treat! J Have a great 3 day weekend and see you back on Monday!

These kids are great!

Today, He’e focused on the short vowel “e” as they read a book called What do I have?  We continued working on with our book called Colorful Eggs and underlined the sight words as well as labeling the pages.  We focused on adding numbers using our fingers to find out the answers.  Lastly, we colored and cut out a worksheet to make opposite flash cards.

Friday is here!

I hope everyone had a great day off yesterday and got some rest!  Today, He’e read to each other a book called Spring; we also reviewed our sight word “has” and practiced writing and tracing the sight word “am”.  Lastly, we continue with the life cycle of a frog.  He’e also learned the different types of frogs.  The He’e will be bringing their work home today.  Have a great weekend!!! J

Happy Wednesday!

Today, we had Coach Kalei from Happy Feet.  We helped Coach Kalei pick up trash!! and loved it!!!  We learned how to share after Coach Kalei stole all the lunches.

From our reading books we wrote highlighted and underline sight words.  We also did a color by sight word worksheet.  A few of us are practicing writing our names.   Lastly, we played with building blocks and use our imagination to create huge objects.