Solar System

Today, we are learning how to write short sentences and did a writing activity to practice.  He’e are learning about the solar system and how they are part of space.  They did a coloring page with all of the planets and their names.  Also, Mrs. Mendoza taught them a song about the solar system.  Lastly, we worked on subtraction and did a worksheet.

Tons of learning

This week for Language Arts, we are starting with a new reading book called Backyard Camping.  Our new sight word that we are learning from our book is “me”.  We did a writing activity “This weekend I did….”  For Science, we talked about a volcano and how it erupts.  Also, we did a coloring page of a volcano. He’e built a volcano using paper mache for our experiment.  Lastly, we did an addition worksheet for Math.

Great day at school

Today, we are finishing up all of our work we did for the week.  We reviewed our sight word “would”, practiced on writing our words, coloring and etc.  We reviewed our math worksheet and talked about sorting, counting, patterning, and working on one to one correspondence.  We talked about our sink and float experiment we did yesterday and our graphing.  Lastly, we made smores for our afternoon snack.  We used the heat from the sun to melt our chocolate and marshmallows.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!!

Hot Summer is here!

Today, we practiced writing our words that we highlighted in our book.  We added scene to our pictures and reviewed our sight word, “would”.  Also, we did a writing activity “I like school because…” worksheet.  We used our imagination and built some structures using the big wooden blocks and legos too.  Lastly, He’e had a fun and exciting day during water play.  Oh my goodness! He’e were all exhausted and felt as sounds asleep during nap time.

New word this week – Would

He’e continued working with their reading book by labeling the pages with numbers and underlining the sight word “would” with red colored pencil.  They also continued practicing on writing their first and last name on a worksheet.  He’e enjoyed playing number hunt and finding objects in the classroom to go with number they found.  Lastly, we are practicing on writing numbers as well as the number words.

Colors of Summer

Today, we colored our pictures in our book and read to each other.  We did a writing activity worksheet about what are we going to do over the summer and drew a picture of it.  During our outside play, we predicted which object would sink or float and did the experiment.  When we returned to the classroom, He’e graphed the results.  Moreover, we did a sorting and counting worksheet.

Summer Time!

In Language Arts, we started a new reading book called Summer and learned a new sight word “would”.  He’e are practicing writing both their first and last name.  In Math, we did a shape pattern worksheet.  Also, we did a one to one correspondence activity.  Lastly, He’e did a GREAT job with our fire drill, earthquake and lockdown.

We love Ms. Asistin

In Language Arts, we started a new reading book called Your Garden.  Our new sight word for the week is “your”.  We are learning about sequencing and did a cut and paste activity of How does a pumpkin grow.  In Math, we are learning about the parts of a tree.  Also, we are learning new vocabulary words as well such as leaves, branches, trunk and roots.  Lastly, we are learning about primary colors like red, yellow and blue.  We got to sort the color by identifying the beginning letter of the word and did a worksheet.

Welcome back!

In Language Arts, we started our new reading book called Seeds and learned a new sight word “they”.  Also, we practiced writing on our names.  In Math, we did a pattern worksheet.  He’e is learning about the parts of a probiscus flower. They are learning new vocabulary words as well such as “stamen”, “calyx”, “petals” and “pistil”. What a great way to start the week with these kids!