All about Me

We enjoyed talking about our feelings at circle time. We sang a song called “Story of My Feelings”. We showed our teacher our sad face, angry face, happy face and more! Since we are learning “All About Me”, we had a chance to trace our bodies on a giant piece of paper! We will finish decorating them another day! We had fun taking turns matching numbers. We used pennies for this activity. Each penny had a number on it. We shook the pennies in a cup, then dumped them onto the carpet. The pennies that were blank were left behind. The pennies with a number on it, had to be matched to one of the numbers on the number line. Way fun!! We drew a sailboat with chalk during outside play. We each had a chance to sit in our pretend sailboat and sing “Row Row Row Your Boat..!!” We will glue tissue paper to letter H this afternoon for art.

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