Lima Beans

In Science today we “planted” our lima beans in a damp paper towel and plastic bag.   We hung them in the window so the sunlight will help them grow!  How fun it will be to watch our very own bean sprout and grow leaves! In math some of us are learning to string beads while some of us are stringing beads in a pattern.  Many of us are sorting colors while others are sorting into groups of 1 to 5.  Our flannel board story today was about a little blue bird in a garden. This story totally matched our bulletin board garden with our names on our very own little Blue Birds!  Our little Honu’s are becoming masters with the screwdriver and screws.  Their fine motor skills are really getting a workout!

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  1. Science for the 2 year old class!!! Way to go teachers!!! Great job. I feel lucky for my grand daughter to attend this school.

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