Friday is here!

I hope everyone had a great day off yesterday and got some rest!  Today, He’e read to each other a book called Spring; we also reviewed our sight word “has” and practiced writing and tracing the sight word “am”.  Lastly, we continue with the life cycle of a frog.  He’e also learned the different types of frogs.  The He’e will be bringing their work home today.  Have a great weekend!!! J

M is for Marshmellows

Today we continued to review the letter “M”, the sound and finding some words.  The Honus did a M is for Marshmallow activity.  They loved it!  We also had Happy Feet today.  It was just for this week that we would have it today!  We spent  most of our time outside playing in the water tables, throwing and catching the balls and watered our plants.  Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Happy Wednesday!

Today, we had Coach Kalei from Happy Feet.  We helped Coach Kalei pick up trash!! and loved it!!!  We learned how to share after Coach Kalei stole all the lunches.

From our reading books we wrote highlighted and underline sight words.  We also did a color by sight word worksheet.  A few of us are practicing writing our names.   Lastly, we played with building blocks and use our imagination to create huge objects.

Welcome Jett!

Aloha Families! We have a new friend in our class Jett! he’s a wonderful boy who will just fit right in. Today we continued on our Letter of the week “M”.  We painted Macaroni and made some pretty awesome necklaces the kids enjoyed. For Math we hung out with spot and fed him his bone “number recognition” . Have a wonderful evening.

When I grow up

Happy Friday!!  We started off with some Happy Feet fun with Coach B!  The children always have a blast with him. We spoke about what types of jobs Mommy & Daddy do while were all at school. I brought out our career box.  We all got to dress up as police men, fire fighters, doctors etc.  I showed a video about fire fighters and how it is to be one, we talked about fire drills and why it’s important to practice it.  Next week we will cover more about what to do when there’s a fire:)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your babies

Happy Friday!

He’e doing great in reading their beginner books called Bugs.  We reviewed our sight word “some”.  Also, we reviewed graphing and counting our numbers from 1 to 10.  Lastly, we are just finishing up all of our work that needed to get done for the week which will be coming home today.  Also, Happy Feet will be schedule on Thursdays instead of Friday starting on April 2, 2015.

First and Last name

Aloha all!  Happy Wednesday!  The children and I started our day out with some outside play.  Mrs. Robinson brought out dirt and plastic insects for the children to observe.  We talked about the different kind of insects and where they live.  This week I will be working with the kids with tracing their names and learning about first and last names.  In no time the children will be able to write both first and last names as well as saying it.