Netting our fishes

ALOHA FRIDAY!  I am so happy to be back with my class.  I was out sick for a week.  We started out Friday with some Happy Feet with Coach B!  The Honus enjoyed every second of soccer.  They loved kicking, passing and running after the ball.  We reviewed the letter “J”, the sound and words for the last time.  Next week  I will introduce the letter “K”.  We worked on our fine motor skills using scissors, I had the children cut plastic bendy straws into tiny pieces.  I brought out our sea animals box.  We talked about different animals that lived in the ocean.  I taught the kids how to net their own fishes!  We had a blast pretending to catch dinner.  Told them how to use their nets for GOOD PURPOSES, and how to use them SAFELY.

friendship bracelets

Today we practiced our fine motor skills making friendship bracelets. We used a pipe cleaner and beads, they did great most of their bracelets were oversized but they got to put as much bead as they wanted.

We are also talking more about kind words in class such as; please, thank you, may I, and excuse me. We also encourage the children to use their “big kid” voice and let other friends know if they are bothering us.

Alphabet Puzzles!

Aloha Families! Today  was another great day.  During centers we sorted colors for Math  the kids enjoyed separating the different colored animals. We continued working with our letter “Jj” and worked on a alphabet puzzle in language. The children all enjoyed their day in our centers building with Legos and or playing with music instruments!

Hands are not for hitting

We did a “what are our hands for…” project today. I laid out a sheet of paper and stamp pads and everyone used their hands to stamp the paper. We then did a group discussion on what our hands are for; they listed words like hugging, loving, and touching. They did great. For math we did more number recognition, how to put numbers is numerical order from 1-10.

Furthermore, we discussed how our hands are NOT for hitting. We have had few incidents of children not keeping their hands to themselves in class so we encourage the children to use their words instead of their hands. We use words like “I don’t like that”, “leave me alone”, and “stop bothering me”. We kindly ask that you continue to speak with them at home about this it does help with a more positive behavior in school.

Roly Poly

Yesterday, we planted a yellow hibiscus flower in our garden and we also found many roly poly bugs.  Our class was so fascinated by these bugs.  So today in class we used the computer to do some research. DID YOU KNOW?? Roly Polys are called Pillbugs and they actually belong to the crustaceans.  Who knows I may a scientist.  We used our reading skills to do the research on the Roly Poly bugs.  When we moved the pot with the plant there was more roly poly bugs and our class went nuts.  So we tried to count them after everyone picked up some.   A dot to dot worksheet helped us to review counting to figure out what picture would come as we connected the numbers 1 to 24 and colored the picture.  Hey Mom, Can I have one for a pet please?


Today we talked about friends. Who are our friends and how do we treat them. To further our lesson we read a book about “manners in school” using words like please, thank you and excuse me. We encourage speaking to your child about how we should treat our friend in school as well.

We also did a creative writing/ drawing. They each drew a picture of their friend and wrote “This is my friend…” They did great. I loved how their drawing turned out and they tried their best tracing the sentences.