Yakkity Yak

Today we moved on to the next letter in the alphabet; Yy. During group discussion we did a group tracing of a capital and lower case letter. We then discussed about words that begin with Y like; Yarn, Yak, and You. To further our lesson we did a focus drawing of a yak, we had a picture displayed of what a yak looks like and they drew it the best that they could. I loved a lot of their drawing and how it turned out.  We also did a cut and paste job with Yarn, cutting pieces of yarn and gluing them to a letter Yy template.

For math we did a number worksheet; counting how many items were in the picture then tracing the number. They did great.

Welcome Gracie

Aloha families!  We had another new friend, her name is Gracie and she is just the sweetest little girl we have met.  She has made so many friends already!  Today the children continued to review the letter “H”, the sound and words.  I turned on the letter “H” song and the children danced around the classroom.  They were able to tell me what in our classroom started with the letter.  I am so proud of them.  For Arts and Crafts the children and I made crystallized hearts (they will be bringing home on valentine’s day).  Lastly for Math we worked on shape recognition:)  Enjoy your evening!


We continued our lesson on the letter Xx. Today’s focus word was X-Ray. During group discussion we talked about what an x- ray is and why. We then read a short story about our bodies; how without bones we wouldn’t be able to stand, walk or run. To further our lesson we did our own X-ray of our hands. We traced our hand with a white crayon on a black construction paper, and then glued q-tips to resemble our bones/Skelton. Has a fun sensory job they played with shaving cream. The practiced tracing letters shapes and just loved how it felt.

Welcome Makuakai

Aloha Monday!  We have a new friend that joined us today, his name is Makuakai.  He gets along perfect with the rest of the Honus.  Today the children reviewed the letter “H”, the sound and finding some words.  We did an Art project with hearts for the letter “H”.  They practiced their fine motor skills with scissors.  For Math we worked on number recognition with songs and counting verbally with our fingers.  This is the last week we will be reviewing the letter “H”.  Mahalo have a fantastic evening.

x is for xylophone

We are continuing with our lesson pf the alphabet letter focusing on the letter Xx. We talked about what sound it makes and wrote down some words that begin with Xx; like X-ray and Xylophone. To further our lesson we do have a xylophone at one of our station at school. The children were able to play and explore how it works.

Also, in the garden the children made a great observation that our tomato plants have RED tomatoes. For a few weeks now they have been observing the plants and noticing the color changing from green to now red. We also talk about how we should water and nurture our plants to help them grow. They are doing great.

Test the kids on letter sounds!

While doing station rotations during the week we found today to be a catch up day to finish our papers.  So we did lots of cutting and tracing.  Can you test me on letter sounds?  For math we learned how to group our class to help us see numbers in our everyday use of numbers. Some  examples are the calendar and the date and groups of students.  Have a fun weekend.  Stay safe and see you on Monday.

All about W

Aloha parents another great day at Alakai’i Academy. Today during large group we introduced the letter Ww. We also read “All about W” a sesame street series that talked about the words that start with Ww. For Math we worked on a number worksheet 1-10 recognizing and tracing. Outside we enjoyed the water table on this hot day and transplanting our ginger. Had a great day!

We miss Ms. Asistin!

We finished coloring our islands and put them up for display in our classroom.  Sorry but Ms, Asistin is really sick please send happy thoughts her way so she can come back.  During Language Arts and Math, we rotated by stations and had more fun because the groups were with different people and the games were a little quicker because we knew what to do.