Start 2015 with a Bang!

Hey there!  For Language Arts we reviewed everything about the letter “F”, the sound and words that begin with the letter.  We sang our ABC’s and reviewed our letter recognition.  For Math we practiced sorting the play house food by color and the type of food.  They did amazing!  I spoke with the children about taking care of books and the purpose of books.  I hope you all have a great New Years.  The year flew by soooo fast!  Let’s start 2015 with a bang!  Enjoy your break.  See you back Next Monday:)

Germs are not for sharing

Hope you all had a great holiday. After such a long break we did a recap on our class routine. First we went to the garden to water plants, sweep leaves and did water color paintings. The children also noticed one of our plants is growing tomatoes, which aren’t ready to be picked quite yet. Than we returned back to class to do shelf jobs; blocks, puzzles, play-doh and coloring. Also for story we talked about hygiene like washing hands, covering our mouths when we cough, etc. we encourage you to also speak to your child about keeping healthy.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Our garden is turning out GREAT!  Our plants are growing very nicely and everyone is taking good care of our wonderful garden,  Good Job!!!  Today we continued with the letters P and Q as well as the sounds and words that begin with them.  We made some sugar cookies for our afternoon snack.  Lastly, we continued in working on greater and less numbers.

Have a wonderful Christmas break and I will see you back on Monday!!!!

Callejo the Great!

Happy Monday Honus families!  This week is the last week we will be reviewing the letter “F”, the sound and words that begin with the letter.  We had a special guest visit us today to show the entire school a few magic tricks.  The Honus enjoyed the show and a few volunteered to assist Mr. Callejo with some of his tricks.  For Math the children reviewed their color and shape recognition.  We made Christmas trees.  The Honus decorated their own trees with glitter, beads, feathers, stamps, and many more…  Tomorrow I will be making cookies with my babies!  PLEASE DRESS YOUR BABY IN A CHRISTMAS ATTIRE (RED AND GREEN COLORS, CHRISTMAS SHIRTS, SWEATRERS ETC) I WILL BE WEARING MY CHRISTMAS ATTIRE AS WELL.


It’s another great here at Alaka’i!

Today we had a special guest his name is Uncle Fred.  He put up a magic show for the entire school, it was FANASTIC!!!  We all enjoyed it!  Thank you very much Uncle Fred for that AWESOME magic show.  In Language Arts, we reviewed a little of the letter N.  I introduce the letter P and Q for this week.  Also we are learning the letter sound and words beginning with those letters.  In Math, we are discussing the difference between big and small numbers.


Today the school had a special guest Uncle Fred; the magician. The children loved it and sat very nicely. He also called a few volunteers for couple of his tricks. They did a great job. We also practiced our cutting skills, cutting out their marble art gingerbread man from last week. They tried their best and will be hanging them up shortly.