Decorating our Tree

Aloha!  It was a fun filled day for the Honus and I.  The children continued to review the letter “E”, the sound and finding some words.  I brought in my tree and boy did they have fun decorating it!  They put up the ornaments they each made thru out the week.  For Math we worked on color recognition.  We mixed different colors to see what colors they made.  They used those colors to paint their eggs that I will be hanging on our letter of the week board.  For lunch the children had their Thanksgiving feast  turkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and pumpkin pie!  Enjoy your four day weekend with your beautiful babies!  Happy Thanksgiving!  I will see you all back on Monday:)

Rocking around to Christmas music

Hey there!   Today I introduced the letter “E” to the children.  We worked on sound and finding some words.  The Honus had fun making Christmas ornaments for our school tree!  We turned on Christmas music danced around and talked about Santa Clause.  Next week I will be brining in a tree for my Honus to decorate! For Math we continued to review our number recognition.  The garden outside is looking more and more beautiful each day!  The entire school is doing an amazing job at watering and keeping the plants healthy!  Aloha!!!!

Pijama Pizza Party

Happy Aloha Friday!   Today was the last day for the children to review the letter “D”.  We went over everything.  The sound, and the words that begin with D.  Thank you soooo much for the parents who dressed their babies up in their pajamas!  They were so excited to see their classmates in their pj’s and they got even more excited when they saw that I had mine on!  We all made our very own pizzas today.  The children got to spread their tomato sauce, sprinkled their cheese and pepperoni (if they wanted them).  They had soo much fun eating them!  We reviewed more number recognition for math.  I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of them!!  Enjoy your beautiful weekend with your sweet peas!! I will see them back on Monday.

Gobble Gobble

Hey there!   We continued to review the letter “D”, the sound and words that begin with D.  Next week I will be introducing the letter “E” to the children.  We worked on our fine motor skills using clothes pins.  The children had a bit of a hard time, broke ALOT of the clothes pins but eventually got it down.  They needed to clip on the same amount of clothes pins coordinating to the number on our turkeys.  They did awesome!  Tomorrow we will be making pizzas and watching a children’s movie on dinosaurs!  Please dress your babies in their pajamas, I will be wearing mine!  I can’t wait! Enjoy your Thursday!

D is for Dinos

Happy Wednesday Honu families!  Today was a great day for the Honus.  We continued to review the letter “D”, the sound and words that begin with D.  The children had fun out in the garden playing in the water with the dinosaurs.  For Math we painted our very own dinosaurs.  I showed them a video on dinosaurs and how they hatch from eggs.  They loved it!  On Friday I will be making pizzas with the children and they will eat them for lunch.  We will also be watching a childrens movie on dinosaurs.  Please feel free to dress your babies in their pajamas, I will be wearing mine as well.  It will be a fun filled day for us all.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

Honus get Messy with Paint

Aloha!  Today was a great day!  The children worked on letter recognition.  They matched each letter of the alphabet to the correct clothes pin.  They are all so akamai!  We sang our ABC’s, and worked on our letter “D” book.  For Math the Honus went outside to paint.  They mixed colors to make other colors.  They got really messy.  Some of them did not want to change our of their colorful shirts.  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday:)

M is for Moon!

Today we began our day sharing how we show Pono (care or kindness, they way we introduced it to the class.) to others around us. For Language Arts we reviewed the letter L and continue to work with the letter M. Today our M word was Moon. For mathematics we continue to count and recognize our numbers by tracing and counting worksheets, we also continue to work on our sequencing for the different stages of a butterfly from our Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl. Have a great evening and see you all tomorrow!