Happy Birthday Jacob and Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all the Honu families!  Today a few of our friends dressed up in their costumes.  The Honus had so much fun celebrating our friend Jacobs birthday!  We even decorated the classroom.  The Honus had fun show and telling their costumes.  We had princess’s, robots, and a few superhero’s!  It was a wonderful week for my babies!  The children continued to review the letter “C”, the sound and finding some words.   We worked on our find motor skills with the letter “C” stickers.  We walked around the classroom finding shapes and colors.  They each took turns finding a shape, and telling me the color of the shape.  Coach B came by today to play soccer with the children.  They love Happy Feet!  Everyone be safe tonight!

J is done!

Happy Feet Friday everyone! Nunu’s did a great job as they finished their letter “J” book, traced, produced the sound and recognized the pictures that start with the letter “J”. I also reviewed the sight words (call, again, going, think) and read sight word stories by Gina Shaw for Language Arts and Reading. These little munchkins also finished their Shape Book for their Math activity.

Aloha Friday

Another fun day with Coach Brandon from Happy Feet!  He’es are so love to use their large motor skills in learning and having fun playing soccer.  In Language Arts, we reviewed the letter I, along with our sight words and practicing using our fine motor skills by writing our sight word “in”.  For Math, we continue practicing our number identification and counting.  We did a number pumpkin worksheet.

J Book

For Language Arts we worked on our letter J book. The kids had a blast cutting and coloring there J words. In Math we worked on our number recognition. This activity helps their reasoning and cause and effect skills. Outside our plants are sprouting! They watered them and enjoyed the water table. Have a wonderful day.

J is for Jellyfish

Today for Language Arts we continue to review the letter J. We also used our fine motor skills by tracing the word Jellyfish; the Nunus did great with puzzling together their very own jellyfish! Along with this we reviewed our alphabets and threw in some sign language. For Math we practiced counting and number recognition from 1 to 20. We then decided to find out how many fingers and toes we have.

Sight Words!

Nunu’s learned new sight words again such as going and think! I read the sight word story entitled Centipede Moves On by Gina Shaw. They learned about rhyming words and answered the activity on paper for their Reading Readiness and Language Arts. For their Math, they colored the circle and gave some example of it. These activities help them to recognize rhyming words and distinguish shapes.

Tear and Glue

Aloha!!  Today was a great day for the Honus!  We had fun watering our plants outside in the garden.  We continued to review the letter “C”, the sound and found some words.  The children did a tear a glue activity.  It helped them with their find motor skills.  For Math we worked on number recognition 1-10.  Tomorrow we will be working on tracing our numbers.  Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday!  I will see my Honus back tomorrow.

Beautiful Tuesday!

Our garden is turning out to be wonderful.  We are almost ready to transfer our plants into bigger pots.  Today we are using our fine motor skills by writing our sight word “go”.  We reviewed our sight words and our new word for the day is “ask”.  Lastly, we continue working with identifying our numbers, along with a counting worksheet.

J is for…

Hello everyone!  We started our day by a story entitled But that Won’t Wake Me Up by Annie Pacaña- Lumbao. We reviewed the sight words and started the letter “J” through telling the names of the pictures, tracing and producing its sound.  For Math, som of them colored the star shape while some of them cut and pasted it on the paper. These activities were based on the HELDS for the development of their vocabulary, fine motor and listening skills.