I is for Igloo

Aloha!  It is such a beautiful, sunny day here at Alaka’i Academy.  For Language Arts we continued to review the letter “I”, producing the sound and finding some words.  The children also did an “I” is for igloo activity.  Lastly for Math I tested the Honus to see how many knew their shapes and colors.  They all did amazing.  Their shapes and colors recognition is unbelievable!  The children also worked on counting 1-10 using flash cards.  Have a great day!  Mahalo

Autumn is near!

Happy Monday Honu families!  The Honus were very energetic today.  We started our day out with some outside play.  The children ran around, some played with the bubbles while others enjoyed learning how to jump rope.  For Language arts we continued to review the letter “I”, producing the sound and finding some words.  Lastly for Math we worked on counting 1-10 with our fingers, and did some color matching.  The Honus also made autumn trees using their hands for the trunks of the tree and tissue paper for the leaves.  Very good practice for their fine motor skills.  Mahalo!! Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Bonding with peers

Happy Thursday Honu families.  Today was a very relaxed day for the entire school.  This morning we all went out for a stroll down to the Kona Market right next door.  While we all sat there together we had our morning snacks and was entertained by local music.  The children had fun singing and dancing along with the music.  It was a great way to bond with their peers.  Enjoy the rest of your day!!!  Aloha!

E is for….

Nunu’s and Opihi’s still working on their letter “E”. For Language Arts they traced and colored different objects that start with letter “E” such as earth, egg, engine, eraser and elephant. I also read a story which entitled The Classroom Pet by Grace Maccarone. For Math, we reviewed with their colors including gray as well as recited numbers from one to twenty.

These activities help our students to recognize letters in the alphabet and develop their fine motor skills.

Sharing Wednesday

Today, we started our day by sharing Nunu’s and Opihi’s family tree! They told us about their mom and dad’s work, their names and grandfather and grandmother’s names! I am so glad that they listened very carefully to each family sharing. For Language Arts I read a story entitled There’s An Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer. Then recognized the letter “E” using different pictures, produced the sound and gave examples. For Math, we played bingo! It helped them to familiarize more on their numbers from one to ten. For our P.E, these little munchkins played limbo rock using the rope while some jumped over the rope like a jumping rope! What a body energizer today!

Magic Tuesday

Today, Nunu’s and Opihi’s continued working on their letter “E”. We started by reading the letter book of E, produced the sound and gave examples of letter “E”. They really want to do magic so these kids did painting the white paper to reveal the hidden letter! For Math, Nunu’s continued learning which is more or which is less using fishes. As we went outside, these munchkins jogged, galloped and jumped around the play court area to practice their gross motor skills.

Another Wonderful Day

It’s another wonderful day here at Alaka’i Academy!

Today I introduce the Honu a new letter.  They were able to see, hear and say the letter I.  I read Mind Your Manners In School.  After the story, I talked to the Honus about how we be kind, safe and saying Please and Thank you to all of our friends and teachers.  We continued to  work on our All About Me projects.  The Honus are able to tell me what color their hair, eyes, and nose are as well as their friends hair, eyes, and nose color.  They got the chance to draw their own face in their book.  In math we played the shape bucket game.  Each of my friends listen to what shape is being called and recognizing it.  They enjoyed it!

Have a beautiful Tuesday! I’ll see you back tomorrow!

Aloha Monday!

What a perfect Monday for Nunu’s and Opihi’s today! They kept themselves busy as we started our lesson with a story entitled Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Then they recognized the letter “E” using pictures of “E”. Next they produced the sound, gave examples and made an elephants out of printed letter “E”. For Math, Opihi’s had a relay for matching colors of animals and rings. While Nunu’s started knowing which is more and which is less. As we wnet outside to the play court area, they had fun hopping to the letters of the alphabets and saying it one by one. Some of them played with balls while some played on the water tables.


Aloha Friday!  It was a great week for the Honus!!  Our Honus had fun making snicker doodles!  It went along with our book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Felicia Bond.  The children took turns measuring the ingredients and mixing them in the bowl.  They had so much fun!  For Language Arts we continued to review the letter “H”.  Producing the sound and finding some words.  My Honus are so, so AKAMAI!  Lastly for Math we counted to ten with our fingers.  Sang our Five Little Monkeys, and Ten Little
Honus songs.  The children also got to run around with Coach for Happy Feet.  Friday is a fun filled day.  The Honus absolutely love Coach.  They had so much fun kicking the soccer ball.  Happy Friday!!  Enjoy your weekend!!! Mahalo.