Welcome Kyra!

It’s Aloha Friday!!  Today was a fun day for our little Honus!!  We have an new friend named Kyra!  She’s such a little sweet pea.  She has a very outgoing personality & fits right in with the rest of the Honus!  We added Science to our curriculums.  For the first time the little Honus got to do an experiment using mentos and diet soda.  We all gathered together as our teacher dropped the mentos into the soda.  The affects the mentos had on the soda was best part!!  The Honus watched with awe and excitement in their eyes as the soda exploded like a volcano.  For Language Arts we continued to review the letter “F”, produced the sound and found words.  The  Honus got their little hands messy as they used shaving cream to practice drawing the letter “F”, shapes and numbers.   I read the book Winter Rabbit by Patrick Yee.  Have an Awesome weekend!!! See you back on Monday!!  * Just a friendly reminder we will be closed next Monday Sept 1, 2014 for Labor Day.

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Today, we started our morning with Language Arts. We reviewed our Little Letter H Books and the H sound. Since we enjoyed talking about rainbows so much yesterday, we read another book about rainbows today. We practiced the colors of the rainbow and learned that it takes both rain and sun to make rainbows. Then, we used colored blocks to make a rainbow pattern as a class. We also learned about rhyming words and letter sounds. We used a special rhyme puzzle to match rhyming words. The children had fun rhyming words throughout the rest of the day, too! To practice our letter sounds, we sorted word cards based on their beginning letter sounds. This morning, during P.E., the children drew creative drawings with chalk and cooled off by playing in the water table. We practiced “greater than” and “equal to” during Math time. As a class, we counted out two piles of blocks and determined if the first pile was “greater than” or “equal to” the second pile. The children did great with this concept and were very enthusiastic!

Spider web games!

We had a great day in the Nunu class today. We reviewed our colors and color words for Language arts and read the book What Makes A Rainbow by Betty Schwartz. We had fun making our own rainbows. Outside we played the “Spider Web Game”. Ms. Mangauil drew a Spider web with chalk and wrote different letters within the web, the Nunus had to find the letter their name begins with and pretend to be spiders. In Math, we reviewed counting, sorting and number recognition. Don’t forget Monday is a Holiday and Alaka’i Academy will be closed. Enjoy your time with your children and we will see you on Tuesday!

Honus are all superstars!!

Aloha Honu Families!!  It is such a beautiful ,sunny day here at Alaka’i Academy!   The little Honus had a blast today!  Our Honus got to explore finger painting with the color yellow .  The reaction on some of their faces as soon as their hands touched the paint was hilarious!  For Language Arts we continued to review the letter “F”, produced the sound and found words.  We worked on our gross motor skills using geo shapes to make the letter “F”.  My little Honus are all superstars!! 

Happy Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday!!  It is such a beautiful day!  We have a new friend, his name is Dasen.  He is such a delight to have in class.  He fits right in with the rest of his friends!  My oh my!  The little Honus are amazing!   For Math we continued to review color and number matching.  Sang “Five Little Honus Jumping On The Bed” while counting with our fingers.   Lastly for Language Arts we reviewed the letter “F”,  pronouncing the sound and finding words.  The Honus are really shining!!  They amaze me with how well they all observe and take in new information.  I am so blessed to be working with wonderful, loving and caring little angels!!  Mahalo!!

Ants go marching!

Today was an exciting day for the Nunu class! We had a fire drill this morning, and the children did a great job following directions and exiting the building quickly. We were very proud of them! During Language Arts, we read The Ants Go Marching it was so much fun pretending to be marching ants. During Math, we practiced counting, sorting, and patterns with colored blocks. The Nunus are so enthusiastic about learning; I can’t wait to explore more things with them. Have an awesome Wednesday!

Fire drill today!

Today was an exciting day for the He’e class! We had a fire drill this morning, and the children did a great job following directions and exiting the building quickly. We were very proud of them! During Language Arts, we read our H books together and talked about different words starting with the letter H. We also reviewed our Red Words. We read the book Our Peaceful Classroom and discussed what it means to be peaceful. This book reminded us to be kind to the earth, to nature, and to our friends at school. During Math, we reviewed color flashcards and made patterns with cutout paper shapes. We practiced our colors by drawing rainbows with markers. The children were so excited about their drawings that I had them take turns sharing them with their classmates. They enjoyed sharing them very much!

Ten little Honus!

Aloha Honu Families!  Today was a great day!  Our little Honus are improving as each day goes by!!  Today for Language Arts we continued to review  the letter “F”.  We also practiced our alphabets using flash cards.  The little Honus tried their best to sound out each letter. Lastly, for Math we sang our “Ten Little Honus” song, the Honus enjoy singing and counting with their fingers.  We worked on color and number matching using little flower beads.  I am so proud of my little Honus!!! Enjoy the rest of your day.  See you back tomorrow!!

Aunties and Uncles

Today was another great day with the He’e class! We started our morning by reading two books together: What Aunts Do Best and What Uncles Do Best. The children enjoyed sharing stories about their own aunties and uncles. In Language Arts, we reviewed the letter H. We read the letter book of H, practiced tracing H, and glued small punched out H’s onto a big H paper. The children especially liked using the glue sticks! Outside for P.E, we played with the bouncing balls, blew bubbles, and played hopscotch with shapes drawn with chalk on the ground. It was hot today, so many of us cooled down by playing in the water table before coming back inside.

Letter F for fun

It’s another beautiful day here at Alaka’i!  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!  The Honus continued with the letter “F”. We practiced the sound it makes as well as words that begin with that sound.  We practiced  our fine motor skills by tracing the letter “F”.  We sorted color bears,  matched numbers, and counted on our fingers.  Have a great day!!

* Just a remainder that we are going to be closed next Monday Sept. 1, 2014.  We will be celebrating Labor Day!