A new class – The NUNU

Aloha Honu families!  We have good news!  We have a new lead teacher who has over 10 years experience working with two year olds!  She will ease in next week then hopefully take over the class as of Monday the 24th!  The three and nearly three will have their own learning space.  They will be called Nunu which is the Hawaiian Trumpet fish.  We will keep you all updated as to who the teachers will be as soon as it is finalized.  Our class teachers (aides) will remain the same and continue to rotate through the classrooms wherever they are needed! Today was the first day we were separate and all went well!! Yea! We are all so excited!!!!  This morning the Honu worked on fine motor with the “Monkey Barrel” and tongs or tweezers, lacing spring flowers, and stringing beads in preparation for stringing patterns,  Our Language Arts today continued with the flannel board (this may become a daily activity due to its popularity!!) and vocabulary cards.  Thank you to the families who have sent in conversation starters in their communication books!  It really helps up strike up a good conversation with the little ones and when they answer we have a general idea what they are saying!!  Thanks again!

Bunnies at school

Our Honu class is growing!  In the very, very near future we will be separating the two year old class from the nearly three year olds.  The new three year old class will be called NuNu (Hawaiian trumpet fish).  We are all so excited to have separate classes for all of our students!  We will still see our old friends passing to and from dining as well as when we all come together for the after school activities!  Today in Science we had a furry visitor.  Mrs. Greenwell brought one of her little gray therapy bunnies for all to cuddle.  This little one had a very important job for many years.  She was the companion for many students in special education at both the middle and elementary schools.  Our Honus are becoming expert trike riders!  A few of our little ones had never ridden on a trike and now they just sail by!!!  All of the teachers are so proud of how the students are enjoying school and progressing at the same time

math, writing and poetry

Aloha He’e family!  Ms. Munoz is out until tomorrow.  During morning circle we sang our good morning song, the days of the week, the months of the years and greeted all of our friends. Math time we all counted our numbers from 1 to 30 and with our fingers from 1 to 10. What an awesome job they did! We read a short poem called “Mary, Mary quite contrary.”  How does your garden grow?  With silver bells and cockle-shells and pretty maids all in row”. He’e traced their names and even tried to write them on their own! This afternoon we will be doing a coloring activity. We all had a wonderful day!

small farm animals

Today during circle time, we talked about small farm animals. We will have a visitor this week thats small and fluffy! For math we had a fun color by number worksheet. Then we had to count out and  sort out big and small apples. We had fun dancing to Freeze dance  and The Ants Go Marching Song! We are all doing very well at using our manners at lunch time and during centers! Our teachers are so proud! For afternoon art we will have another fun filled activity based  on our theme!

insects and spiders for Science class

We are having another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei!   We are still hunting and examining insects and spiders for Science class.  We even found a mommie with eggs!!!  We water painted spiders on the play court and pretended to play with them.  In Language Arts we read a book about putting in a garden called Alphabet Soup.  The students decided the teachers could have all the onions and they would plant carrots, beans, and puppies!  Silly Honus!  The students who made GAK will be bringing it home today.  The GAK has pretty much given all it could!  Next week we will be discussing springtime animals.  We may even have a few visitors! Have a great weekend Honu families!

Bug hunt!

We went on a bug hunt today!  We used small bug nets, magnifying glasses, and plastic jars to collect insects and spiders to take back to class.  We checked them out under the magnifying glass so we could count the number of legs. We will let them loose to go back to their families at the end of the day!!  We had a birthday cake for Ms. Munoz yesterday.  Many of our Honu were a little disappointed that no one had a birthday today!  Love that chocolate cake!!  We are all working on different projects here in the Honu room.  Our three and nearly three are now doing much of their academics in the loft.  They love feeling special and having their own space!  They even had a sleep over in the Library!!

animal fun

This week we are talking about small animals! We might see these animals come out during easter time! Today for science we added water to our lima beans to help them grow and talked about parts of a  tree! There are four simple parts to a tree, do you know what they are? We also had a chance to watch a timelapse video on how a plant grows from seed to flower! We enjoyed picture sequencing as we put in order from first to last how an apple tree grows. For afternoon art we are going to glue soft feathers onto a chicken!

microscopic fun

Sounds like many of you had a great weekend!  We are continuing with our Spring theme.  In science we are looking through the microscope at leaves, grass, and flowers.  My, things look so different up close.  A few of our younger Honu were apprehensive when it came to looking into the scope.  We will try again another day!  In Math we are learning to count the number of objects and then circle the correct numeral.  Some of us are just learning to circle numbers with a pencil. We are all learning such fun songs!  Someday, our teachers will get you all the words so you can sing with us!  We used the felt board for our story for the fist time.  Wow – we all loved it!  We are each given a piece of the story to put on the board as our teacher reads.  We had such fun!!


Lima Beans

In Science today we “planted” our lima beans in a damp paper towel and plastic bag.   We hung them in the window so the sunlight will help them grow!  How fun it will be to watch our very own bean sprout and grow leaves! In math some of us are learning to string beads while some of us are stringing beads in a pattern.  Many of us are sorting colors while others are sorting into groups of 1 to 5.  Our flannel board story today was about a little blue bird in a garden. This story totally matched our bulletin board garden with our names on our very own little Blue Birds!  Our little Honu’s are becoming masters with the screwdriver and screws.  Their fine motor skills are really getting a workout!

Welcome Avery!

Welcome to Avery, our newest little Honu!  Today we continued with our Spring theme beginning with gardening.  We soaked lima bean seeds so tomorrow we can hang them in plastic bags and watch them sprout!  How fun it will be to see them grow!  We will plant them in pots when they get their first leaves and then in the garden once they are big and healthy.  Our name recognition for morning routine is printed on little Blue Birds.  We either place them on our garden bulletin board or let them fly in the sky.  We all have fun deciding where to put our birds!  At the end of the day we say good bye to our friends and then place our birds back into their house for the night!  In math we are using manipulatives and worksheets to learn the difference between large and small.  We had such fun today singing our favorite songs for the new little Honus.  Some of our friends are beginning to sing after just a few days!!