Welcome Jesly, Kenzington and John Paul!

My how our little Honu family is growing!!  Today we welcomed Jesly, Kenzington, and John Paul.  The teachers are so proud of their little Honu’s!  The students greeted their new friends with kindness and understanding.  Many took them by the hand to show them around, pulled up a seat close by, or offered words of encouragement “It’s ok, mommy will come after work”. I just love my precious Honus!!  Our theme for the month of April will be “Spring has Sprung” Our names will be printed on Little Blue Birds of Happiness.  The first week will be about planting and gardening.  In Science we will be seeing how a lima bean sprouts and looking at seeds under a microscope.  In Math we will be counting seeds and in Language Arts we will be sequencing a garden story and reading about kids just like us planting a garden in their backyard

Welcome Delilah!

Today we welcome Delilah into our Honu preschool family! Her cousin Jack joined the Honu’s recently so he was able to “show her the ropes”!  We are happy you are here, Delilah! Science we will finish our “Five Senses” theme today with the building of our 5 sense person.  When we bring him/her home be sure to ask us what each body part does!  In Math some of us worked on groups of one to three.  We then paired the grouping with the numeral representing that grouping.  We have been practicing with manipulatives yet today we worked on recognizing picture groupings and then using our “kindergarten pencils” to circle the correct numeral representing that grouping.  What big kids we are!!!  Some of us worked on sorting colors and shapes while others did matching games with our file folder activities.  Colds seem to be going around again so in Language Arts we read books on germs and how to use a Kleenex, wash hands, and cough into your sleeve as well as what we can eat to help us stay healthy.  We continue with our letter and number recognition as well as the special sound each letter makes.


Aloha, Honu families!  We hope you all had a restful day off!  In Science we are wrapping up our unit on SIGHT and SMELL.  We have had such fun with all the colors and interesting smells we have been experimenting with.  We are learning to use a microscope and are amazed at how different things look up close!  Some of our Honu have been introduced to the desk top computer.  We are using stickers to help us with finger placement.  Oh my, we are having fun!  Our teachers love to hear us giggle as we learn to maneuver the curser to where we want it to go!!

our five senses are cool!

This week for the five senses we are studying sight and smell, we use our eyes to see with and we use our nose to smell with! During circle time we used our eyes to explore a book we chose! We used a magnifying glass to see everything in our book grow bigger and bigger! We made a book about our five senses. Its not finished yet, we still have to memorize two more senses! For math we had to count out five fingers to the Wiggle song, then we had to count out ten fingers! We also had to count down from ten on our fingers singing the Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed! For this afternoon we will color and match up the five senses!

We smelled tasted cinnamon, vinegar, onion, and pepper!

This week for the five senses we are studying sight and smell, we use our eyes to see with and we use our nose to smell with! Today we had fun trying new tastes! We covered our eyes as our Teacher told us to take a smell. Then we covered our eyes and took a taste. We smelled and had a taste of cinnamon, vinegar, onion, and pepper!

We made all kinds of silly faces as we tried each item. Way fun! For Science center, we brought out the magnifying glasses to explore the classroom with. We looked at sea shells, star fish, words and letters, even the small letters on a crayon! We can see a lot with our eyes, big and small things!

There is no school tomorrow because it’s Prince Kuhio Day! He helped improve peoples lives in Hawaii by providing homes for the native Hawaiians. He also passed a bill to make Hawaii a part of the 50 states of America in 1959!


Every Monday we will talk to our friends and tell them what we did this past weekend! So if we did something fun, remember it so we can

share it with our friends!

Sight, Smell and Taste

We used three of our senses today to identify food.  First we covered our eyes and SMELLed. Next we TASTEd the sample and finally we used our SIGHT to figure out what the food was.  We all could identify the orange by smell.  We knew we recognized cinnamon, pepper, and onion by smell but not taste or name, and the vinegar made our nose curl up and our face look funny when we tasted it!! The students loved the taste of the sesame oil (thought it was cake) but the smell not so much!

We will be looking at our world through magnifying glasses and exploring the color wheel this afternoon as part of learning about our sense of SIGHT. Remember parents – NO SCHOOL TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY)!!! Hope you all have a fun family day!

smell and sight!

We will be finishing up with our unit on “The Five Senses” with the sense of SMELL and the sense of SIGHT.  This should be super fun!  In Science we will examine and smell different foods and odors and then try to identify them with our eyes closed!  In Math we will graph our favorite smells after we chart them in Language Arts.  We will mix colors in the Art center and make rainbow butterflies from crayon chips.  We sure had fun outside today as we painted with water and drew our basic shapes with chalk.  Amazing how our little ones can draw such an awesome circle on asphalt!  We received a new computer in the Honu class today! Yea!!! Our munchkins are doing so well on the IPAD that it is time to move them to a desk top.  The teachers are amazed at how quickly the children pick up new ideas and concepts.  We have such amazing brains!!!!

Welcome Jack!

We have a new friend!  The Honu class welcomes Jack!!!!  We had great fun with water play this morning and Jack looked like he has always been here!  Looks like our “Table Top Academics” is a big hit!  The students get so excited as they accomplish tasks they thought they couldn’t.  Who knew learning could be so fun!  The teachers are so proud of all our keiki.  The old timers are taking the new arrivals by the hand and introducing them to other students in the school, showing them around the classroom and reminding them “legs under table, please!”  We are wrapping up our study on the “Five Senses” with Smell and SIGHT through the end of the month.  We should have plenty fun with the SMELL lessons!!!  Today is the last day for Intercession water play.  We are washing and drying towels and suits to take home today.

update on “mud, dirt, and worm” taste experiment!

As promised, here is the update on our “mud, dirt, and worm” taste experiment!  All of the Honu tried our taste surprise. Some were a little reluctant at the beginning but became brave as they saw their teachers enjoying the concoction.  The mud was chocolate pudding, the dirt was crushed Oreos, and the worms were gummy.  This was indeed a treat for all as we have sugary treats only on birthdays when we make cupcakes with frosting.  We have all had such fun with the TASTE portion of our “Five Senses” unit!  We rearranged our room eary this morning to make way for our new Table Top Academics.  This appears to be a hit with the entire Honu Class!  In addition to our centers, we now have individual targeted learning tables.  The students may at first select any table that interests them.  As we rotate the students do experience all the tables.  This allows for the teachers to work even more individually with each student.  Challenging the fast learners and reviewing with those that need that little extra. Well, we had another exhaustively fun day with water play!  One Honu actually fell sound asleep at the lunch table!  Tomorrow will be our last day so the teachers will wash suits and towels for the last time and send them home in their backpacks

Red thing

We are having such fun as we explore the world of taste!  At lunch today, some of us said we didn’t like the “red thing”.  Our teachers were so happy we knew the color red!  Since we are learning about taste, our teachers asked us to take just one bite and tell them what it tastes like.  We are happy to report that EVERY single Honu at least tried the “red thing”!!  Amazingly, three of us decided we do like tomatoes after all!  One Honu said he now knows “the taste isn’t very good”!.  Our teachers are so proud of us for trying!!  Afternoon snack will be a challenge as well as a lesson on not deciding if you like something just by looking at it.  We will be enjoying “mud, dirt, and worms”!!!!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog to find out how it goes and what we really ate!  All Honu’s crashed at nap time.  Teachers could hardly get us all pottied and teeth brushed without us falling asleep.  What a busy day we are having.  We are getting in and out of swim suits for water play and still are making time for reading, science, and math.   What fun we have here at Alaka’I Academy!