Goodbye February!

Can not believe the month is already over!  We had such fun talking about our families, working on our All About Me book and discovering we all are individuals!  We each had a turn on a new musical instrument today.  We learned the names and what it sounds like then…… we played in our very own band!  Some of us were a little timid at the beginning but soon felt comfortable enough to play for the whole class.  Looks like we have some budding musicians in our mist!!  Our teachers are pleased with our progress on the iPad.  We are learning to stay focused on the task at hand. Most of us had a difficult time in the beginning with coordinating our eyes and hands to get them to do what the game required.  Now some of us can even giggle, learn and stay on track all at the same time!  Our teachers are delighted to see how the Honu’s really are a preschool family.  When we get stuck we don’t always ask our teachers for help.  We are learning to “phone a friend”.  Our friends are always willing to help when we ask politely in complete sentences!  Next month we will be concentrating on the 5 senses.  What fun we will have as we explore the realms of sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell!

counting to 30

We had fun counting to 30! We each had a chance to pretend to be a teacher and point at the numbers as everyone counted to 30. Way fun! We used our fine motor skills to build the biggest city ever! We worked together as a team to build the city, some pieces fell down over and over, but we just kept building new buildings! Today during outside time, we practiced an overhead throw. Some of us threw the ball so far, even we were surprised at how far we could throw! Fun fun! This afternoon we will glue tissue paper to an animal of choice.

Ukulele Fire drill

Thank you to the families who responded to our question about pets in the home.  We still have one friend insisting that the baby of the family is a pet!  There are still so many stories we are telling our teachers about our families!  Our teachers are not always sure exactly what our stories are about yet the stories make them smile.  We are so excited our faces light up!  Today we had fun reviewing all we studied this month. My classmates and I are getting pretty good with color and shape recognition.  We have expanded to include purple, black, gray, pink, hexagon, and octagon.  We had our monthly fire drill today.  Everyone was clam, walked while holding our “doughnut rope”, and was completely silent.  As a treat we went next door to Kona Marketplace to listen to our Kupuna’s sing and play their ukulele.  We clapped to let them know how much we loved their music.  We are practicing many of our gross motor skills each day.  We practice hopping on one foot, bouncing a ball (actually dribbling a ball), kicking a stationary ball, and running then stopping and turning.  We had so much fun we were all giggling!

Rainbows of fun

We had fun lacing today! We sorted colored cubes then laced them according to the colors of the rainbow. Then we began making patterns using red, blue, and green colored cubes. Some of our friends are having a hard time understanding patterns, but thats ok we will keep on trying! We had a fire drill today. We all walked like ladies and gentlemen, with our teacher to our evacuation point. Our teachers say we did a great job! We enjoyed playing puppets today. Our teacher says we did well trading our puppet with a friend! For afternoon art we will glue jelly beans into a jar!


We had fun this morning for circle time as we played bingo! The teacher would show and call out a colored shape and we would look at our game pad and see if the teachers shape matches any of our shapes! We gave the winner a high five, way fun! We are doing better at recognizing our names! We have been working on tracing our names with capital letters and lowercase letters.This afternoon we will be color rubbing! Place a piece of paper over a piece of sandpaper, (sand paper can be cut into a shape, letter, or number) then we each get a color without the wrapping so that we can lay the crayon down on its side to start rubbing!

Which way the E points?

Aloha Honu families!  Today we practiced using the letter “E” for our free vision screening by the Lions Club.  We are learning to distinguish the direction in which the “E” is pointing. We all had a fun time with that one!!  Our All About Me book is finally coming together.  Our teachers would appreciate it if you would send a note in this book about the number and kinds of pets I have. We sang/played “The Farmer in the Dell” again yesterday afternoon.  Our teachers were so pleased that not only did we understand how to play but we began to understand the family relationships as we sang!  We continue to use the iPad for a variety of activities from color recognition to musical rhythms to hand-eye coordination.  My teachers said our families would be AMAZED at how fast we are learning the academics as well as patiently waiting our turn!!  If all goes as planned, we will be walking to Kona Marketplace tomorrow to listen to a group of our Kupuna singing and playing their ukuleles!

Helping others. Part of Leadership Development

Hope we all had a great weekend! We are still working on letter Jj this week. During circle time we read a book about helping out people. The story showed one friend helping another friend rebuild a block tower because someone knocked it over. It also illustrated how we can help our family like when we are at grandma and grandpas house and they ask us to help set the table for lunch. It is always nice to lend a helping hand!

We all finished our collage! We will be sending them home at the end of the month. For afternoon art we will be painting a jellyfish with water paints!

2 and 1/2 is not the same as 2

We hope you all had a good weekend.  We had such fun today as we continued working on our All About Me books.  We put paper candles on our birthday cake to show how old we are.  Some of us were insistent we are not two years old; we are two and a half!  We colored our beautiful houses and tried to figure out if we had pets.  One of my friends told us the name of his pet but as it turns out, it was the name of his little brother!  We tried playing “The Farmer in the Dell” today.  This is a song/game about members in a family.  We couldn’t figure out why some of us were in the middle.  Our teachers will play it again with us this afternoon after explaining the game to us a little more. Our teacher read us the book I Love you, Mommy!  It is a story about Mommy Bear and Little Bear.  Little Bear listens to his mommy and she teaches him to fish, to climb, and to play with gentle hands.  We all loved listening and answering questions about I Love You, Mommy! We are getting pretty good at color identification.  Please continue to help us out by asking what colors we see in our homes.


We had fun in math today. We colored matching mittens (our letter of the last two weeks) and our teachers were surprised how easy it was for us.  Only one example and we were off on our own!!  Maika’i, little ones!!!! Thank you to all who brought in pictures and a family tree!  We have such fun sharing our families with our friends!  Today is our last day for the letter “M”.  We all know the sound of “M” yet we have trouble remembering the name.  We can even tell you words that begin with the sound of “mmmmmmmm”!