Substitute teachers today

Today was filled with lots of independence.  Ms. Marks and Ms Robinson were both out sick.  Mrs. Low and Ms. Manguail substituted.  In class we did group activities of folder games and building blocks.  We planted grass seeds in our garden.  We read lots of books too and found that our abc books when put in the right order makes a puzzle of big bird and the sesame street friends.

P is for Pig

Happy Tuesday!  This week we are learning about PIGS!! OINK OINK.  We talked about the colors of pigs, where pigs live and how big a pig can get!  For today’s activity we mixed the colors white and red to make the color pink!  We finger painted our very own piglets outside while our other friends watered our plants.  For language Arts I introduced the letter “O”, the sound and some words to the children.  O is for octopus!  We counted how many legs an octopus has!  Reviewed our colors and shapes!

Ba Ba Sheep

We continued to review the letter N, the sound and words.  Watched a video about the litter N and what words begin with the letter.  We are now talking about sheep’s.  For today’s lesson I taught the children the song “BA BA BLACK SHEEP”.  We painted a sheep black with cotton balls and black paint.  Tomorrow we will continue to discuss sheep’s and other farm animals. Enjoy the rest of your evening

Milking Cows

Happy Wednesday!  We are half way thru our week.  Today we continued to review the letter N!  They are all getting soo much more familiar with their alphabets and I just couldnt be more proud of them.  We spoke more about cows and where milk comes from.  I showed them a little clip of the dairy farms and what milk could make: Cheese, Yogurt, Ice cream.  I set up a station with gloves, put some milk in it and let the children get the feeling of what it would be like to milk a cow, also worked on their fine motor skills!  For Math the children used plastic eggs to match colors top and bottom.  Tomorrow we will be learning more about farm animals!  YEEEHAWWWWW!

Happy Early Easter

Happy Thursday families!  Today was a fun filled day for my little Honus.  We talked about the Easter bunny, went on a egg hunt and dyed eggs.  The children enjoyed every little bit of it.  We continued to review the letter N, the sound and words.  We ended our fun with Happy Feet with coach Brandon!  They always enjoy soccer with him.  Enjoy your three day weekend with your babies!  Happy early Easter hope my Honus get lots and lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny!:)

M is for Marshmellows

Today we continued to review the letter “M”, the sound and finding some words.  The Honus did a M is for Marshmallow activity.  They loved it!  We also had Happy Feet today.  It was just for this week that we would have it today!  We spent  most of our time outside playing in the water tables, throwing and catching the balls and watered our plants.  Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Welcome Jett!

Aloha Families! We have a new friend in our class Jett! he’s a wonderful boy who will just fit right in. Today we continued on our Letter of the week “M”.  We painted Macaroni and made some pretty awesome necklaces the kids enjoyed. For Math we hung out with spot and fed him his bone “number recognition” . Have a wonderful evening.

When I grow up

Happy Friday!!  We started off with some Happy Feet fun with Coach B!  The children always have a blast with him. We spoke about what types of jobs Mommy & Daddy do while were all at school. I brought out our career box.  We all got to dress up as police men, fire fighters, doctors etc.  I showed a video about fire fighters and how it is to be one, we talked about fire drills and why it’s important to practice it.  Next week we will cover more about what to do when there’s a fire:)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your babies