February is Here!

Welcome to the month of February.   Today Mrs. Low had a plant that was growing all by itself with many vines. This plant was the purple sweet potato.  For Language arts we learned how to make 3 letter words like dog, cat, pie, and cow.  For math we played with games that showed us how to count from 0 to 10.  We made patterns too with blocks and chain links.  Today was another great day.

Yakkity Yak

Today we moved on to the next letter in the alphabet; Yy. During group discussion we did a group tracing of a capital and lower case letter. We then discussed about words that begin with Y like; Yarn, Yak, and You. To further our lesson we did a focus drawing of a yak, we had a picture displayed of what a yak looks like and they drew it the best that they could. I loved a lot of their drawing and how it turned out.  We also did a cut and paste job with Yarn, cutting pieces of yarn and gluing them to a letter Yy template.

For math we did a number worksheet; counting how many items were in the picture then tracing the number. They did great.


We continued our lesson on the letter Xx. Today’s focus word was X-Ray. During group discussion we talked about what an x- ray is and why. We then read a short story about our bodies; how without bones we wouldn’t be able to stand, walk or run. To further our lesson we did our own X-ray of our hands. We traced our hand with a white crayon on a black construction paper, and then glued q-tips to resemble our bones/Skelton. Has a fun sensory job they played with shaving cream. The practiced tracing letters shapes and just loved how it felt.

x is for xylophone

We are continuing with our lesson pf the alphabet letter focusing on the letter Xx. We talked about what sound it makes and wrote down some words that begin with Xx; like X-ray and Xylophone. To further our lesson we do have a xylophone at one of our station at school. The children were able to play and explore how it works.

Also, in the garden the children made a great observation that our tomato plants have RED tomatoes. For a few weeks now they have been observing the plants and noticing the color changing from green to now red. We also talk about how we should water and nurture our plants to help them grow. They are doing great.

All about W

Aloha parents another great day at Alakai’i Academy. Today during large group we introduced the letter Ww. We also read “All about W” a sesame street series that talked about the words that start with Ww. For Math we worked on a number worksheet 1-10 recognizing and tracing. Outside we enjoyed the water table on this hot day and transplanting our ginger. Had a great day!

U is for Umbrella

Today we finished our lesson on the letter Uu. For language we did a “Uu is for Umbrella” tracing page. To further our lesson we made an umbrella with a paper plate and paint, and a handle template cutout. We did a concept drawing under the table. I first taped paper under our table and they took a turn drawing pictures. They kids enjoyed lounging under the table drawing. To finish off our day, the children did a beading job. Have great weekend and we look forward to seeing you on TUESDAY.