Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.  We made a poster with our hands to represent earth. Nunu class had fun painting their hands.  We talked about how we as individuals can take care of our earth and what are some suggestions.  Please ask your child what their suggestion was and how they will apply it at home.  Take care of our Earth and it will take care of you.  Happy EARTH DAY.  Keep it GREEN!!! o(:

More Farm Animals

Today Ms. Horiuchi was not here, so Mrs. Lewendosky continued with our Farm Animals.  But when we went outside we discovered the famous mealy bug (roly poly) and tried to race them but they ran away from us faster than we could catch them.  We also put mud on our drawing to put the pig in its real habitat,  the mud made our hands real dirty.  Have a great weekend see ya on Monday.

Adding and subtracting

Today we practiced our letters. We first wrote their name on a paper and they traced it with glue and lined it with beans. They loved it. For math we played a number recognition game. First, we split up into two groups. Then we had number cards in a bag and each child took a turn choosing a card. What ever number was on the card was the number of blocks they’d have to fill the bucket with, the first group to fill the bucket up was the winner. They enjoyed it so much they were so excited to see which group would fill up the bucket first.

Rain – Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away come again another day, to utilize the inside for outside with more games and songs.  We labeled parts of the plant and colored the picture to show where plants grow.  Please ask your child questions of … What color is the sky?  What color is the sun?  Where are these things?  Plants grow where? Why couldn’t you go outside today? STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Math.  Your right its also a part of a plant but for us to know that we are aligning our teaching to help our students get college readiness as we further them into learning.

Sick teacher

Ms. Horiuchi was out sick today and so Mrs, Low showed us how to read.  We read two books.  Who is this? and Pam and Sam.  Who is this was about nursery rhymes and the other was about Sam and Pam.  For Math we finished yet another book of, how many hearts?  We learned yesterday that Dr. Seuss celebrates his birthday by reading across America and we did a lot of that today.  Never ever stop reading.

Dr. Seuss Day

To kick off our week we celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday. This morning for breakfast we had “green eggs and ham’ the children were quite hesitant to try it but once they took that first bite they loved it. We also made Dr. Seuss hats. It was not just fun to make but we learned how to pattern; red, white, red, white. For math we read “the foot book” which helps us with our concept of figuring out our left from our right, and also colors.

friendship bracelets

Today we practiced our fine motor skills making friendship bracelets. We used a pipe cleaner and beads, they did great most of their bracelets were oversized but they got to put as much bead as they wanted.

We are also talking more about kind words in class such as; please, thank you, may I, and excuse me. We also encourage the children to use their “big kid” voice and let other friends know if they are bothering us.