Feeding spot

Aloha all!!  We continued to review the letter “G”, the sound and words.  They are getting better with the letter recognition.  I had the children work on their fine motor skills.  I had them practice cutting, they cut zig zag lines, straight lines, and curvy lines.  They are all slowly getting the concept of scissors.  Some are still having a hard time opening and closing the scissors.  I will continue with cutting this week and next week.  For Math the children fed our Math dog numbered doggy bones!  All of them had a blast taking turns to feed Spot.  enjoy the rest of your evening. I will see you all tomorrow:)

Big Kid Today

Aloha everyone! Today was a beautiful day at Alaka’i Academy. In Math we sorted our numbers, shapes and colors. During Language Arts we read Big Kid Today written by Janelle Cherrington. This is a wonderful story about how the first day of school can turn out more exciting than expected! We also reviewed the letter  “K” using a bubble work sheet. Outside we had fun jumping like kangaroos and practicing our “K” sound. Some of our Nunus also had a blast while playing basketball and drawling with chalk! What a great day!

Bug hunt!

We went on a bug hunt today!  We used small bug nets, magnifying glasses, and plastic jars to collect insects and spiders to take back to class.  We checked them out under the magnifying glass so we could count the number of legs. We will let them loose to go back to their families at the end of the day!!  We had a birthday cake for Ms. Munoz yesterday.  Many of our Honu were a little disappointed that no one had a birthday today!  Love that chocolate cake!!  We are all working on different projects here in the Honu room.  Our three and nearly three are now doing much of their academics in the loft.  They love feeling special and having their own space!  They even had a sleep over in the Library!!