Welcome back!

In Language Arts, we started our new reading book called Seeds and learned a new sight word “they”.  Also, we practiced writing on our names.  In Math, we did a pattern worksheet.  He’e is learning about the parts of a probiscus flower. They are learning new vocabulary words as well such as “stamen”, “calyx”, “petals” and “pistil”. What a great way to start the week with these kids!

Coach Brandon and much more!

The He’e had a blast working gross motors with Coach Brandon.

Today we practice identifying our sight words what and that. The He’e also worked on re-writing the key words from our book At the Farm. For Math we used Tinker Toys to practice our engineering skills. Many of the He’e built roadways and towns while others engineered vacuum cleaners and satellites, as well as sequencing.

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.  We made a poster with our hands to represent earth. Nunu class had fun painting their hands.  We talked about how we as individuals can take care of our earth and what are some suggestions.  Please ask your child what their suggestion was and how they will apply it at home.  Take care of our Earth and it will take care of you.  Happy EARTH DAY.  Keep it GREEN!!! o(:

P is for Pig

Happy Tuesday!  This week we are learning about PIGS!! OINK OINK.  We talked about the colors of pigs, where pigs live and how big a pig can get!  For today’s activity we mixed the colors white and red to make the color pink!  We finger painted our very own piglets outside while our other friends watered our plants.  For language Arts I introduced the letter “O”, the sound and some words to the children.  O is for octopus!  We counted how many legs an octopus has!  Reviewed our colors and shapes!

Farms are great!

Today, we want to welcome back a new friend and his name is Jeremy!  This week we started a new beginner reading book called At The Farm.  We learned two sight words such as “that” and “what”.  Also, we learning more/fewer and did a worksheet.  He’e are learning about a part of a duck and colored a picture.

Great readers!

Today, we continued on our beginning and ending sounds of a word and doing a worksheet.  He’e read their book called What Hatches? to one another and underline the sight words “out” and “of”.  Also, they drew the scene of each picture.  They continued working on with pennies and did a counting worksheet. They did a “color me” pattern activity.  Lastly, we are taking care of our seeds that we soaked under the sunlight and wait for the sprouts.

Counting Pennies

n Language Arts, He’e are learning how to recognize the beginning and ending sounds of a word.  During our reading, we colored our pictures and read to a friend.  In Math, we continued learning about pennies and did a worksheet.  Also, we did a shape recognizing worksheet by coloring the correct shape.  Lastly, during our outside time we put seeds with cotton balls so that the seed can sprout and be planted.  Also, we did a hand printing activity.

Ba Ba Sheep

We continued to review the letter N, the sound and words.  Watched a video about the litter N and what words begin with the letter.  We are now talking about sheep’s.  For today’s lesson I taught the children the song “BA BA BLACK SHEEP”.  We painted a sheep black with cotton balls and black paint.  Tomorrow we will continue to discuss sheep’s and other farm animals. Enjoy the rest of your evening